søndag 25. mars 2012

Nye bilder av Scandi modellen Cecilie

Cecilie er en av våre mest populære modeller. Det er ikke vanskelig å se når du ser disse hotte bildene. Disse bildene tok vi i Las Palmas for 8 uker siden. Vi hadde ikke fått tid til å ta strandbilder den forrige uken, så vi var igjen en ekstra uke for å få tatt noen sexy bilder på stranden av Cecilie


torsdag 15. mars 2012

Søt og sjarmerende

 Cecilie er en av de sexy jentene som vi har tatt flest bilder av. Hun har vært med oss til både Marbella og Playa Del Ingles. I denne bilde serien ville vi frekke til Cecilie med noen ekstra sexy bilder.  Bildene ble tatt i en skog utfor Playa Del Ingles som var det eneste stedet som var grønt på hele øyen. Det tok oss 3 timer å komme dit, men når vi ser resultatet så var det verdt det. Hvis du vil se flere bilder av henne og mange andre sexy skandinaviske modeller så sjekk ut www.scandi-girl.com

tirsdag 13. mars 2012

Agnes, sexy modell i fra Sverige

Agnes tok kontakt med oss for hun ville ta noen bilder med Scandi Girl. Hun er en sexy modell i fra Sverige som nettopp har begynt å ta bilder. Vi synes at hun gjorde en god jobb og er en av våre favoritt modeller i fra Sverige. Du kan se mer bilder på scandi-girl.com

lørdag 10. mars 2012

Scandinavian Girls

Ha en god helg i fra Scandi Girl modellen Thea i fra Gjøvik. Her poserer hun i sanddynene i Playa Del Ingles. Se flere bilder av Thea her - http://scandi-girl.com/gallery

fredag 9. mars 2012

Lisa B sexy Scandianvian girl

Her er en backstage video av Lisa B fra fotoshootet i Stavanger. Hun er fra Norge og elsker å stå foran kamera. Hvis du vil se mer av henne eller andre Scandinaviske jenter sjekk ut http://scandi-girl.com/

Sexy Linda tar bilder for Scandi-girl.com

Linda er ei sexy dame som vi flydde over til Stavanger for et fotoshoot. Hun er en av mange norske modeller på Scandi girl. Sjekk ut hva du synes. Trykk på tittelen hvis du vil se flere bilder av henne.

Sjekk ut www.scandi-girl.com

mandag 5. mars 2012

Sexy damer på scandi-girl.com

Lisa B er en sexy dame som vi tok bilder av. Det var en kald dag i Stavanger med Lisa var sporty og stilte seg foran kamera uten å klage. Det var tåke hele dagen, men i slutten av dagen så lettet det og vi fikk noen flotte bilder på stranden

mandag 20. februar 2012

torsdag 29. desember 2011

Norske Ainé tar en dusj i hagen

Ainé tar en dusj i hagen utfor Villaen i Marbella. Sjekk ut alle bildene av henne og de andre norske, svenske og danske modellene på www.scandi-girl.com

tirsdag 27. desember 2011

Ann Mari Olsen poserer med to andre deilige damer

For mer deilige svenske, danske og norske damer Sjekk ut www.scandi-girl.com 
Dette er et av mange bilder som ble tatt for Scandi Girl i Marbella, Spania. Går du inn på Scandi Girl så får du se mange flere bilder av de forskjellige modellene: scandi-girl.com
Ann Mari Olsen, norske damer, deilige damer, svenska flickor, svenska tjejer

onsdag 21. desember 2011

You were looking for hot swedish girl? Check out Linda!

In Marbella we had the pleasure to work with Linda - one of the Swedish girls we brought with us on the trip. Swedish girls are known for their blond hair, sexy bodies and free spirit. Linda is no exception. We had alot of fun taking pictures of her.

Linda - swedish blonde

We took the pictures outside the Villa in the Jacussi. The air was cold but Linda and the Jacussi kept us warm.

You can see a lot more pictures of Linda and other Swedish girls here: http://scandi-girl.com

onsdag 14. desember 2011

Scandi OnTour Marbella Spain 2011 Video

Scandi OnTour Marbella Spain 2011 Day 3

It was time for us and for the models, who've been with us for 3 days, to get serious and start taking the pictures we were here for. This was our 4th day, and the sun was radiant. The weather was absolutely perfect for the photoshoot which took place in the Villa. It took quite awhile for us to get out of bed because all the partying was finally taking its toll on us. 

Since the Villa was filled with great locations for the shoot, we didn't have to drive anywhere. The warmth outside was a great accompaniment to the shoot which was really enjoyed by the models. Because everyone was in a good mood, we were able to take lots of nice photos. It took us 10 lengthy hours to take pictures of all 7 models. When we finished, it was obvious we were exhausted, and the girls, who were tired of waiting, were looking forward to another dinner and party. One of our models was very eager to watch the Manchester game on TV, so we promised to take her to a place where she could. When we got to the restaurant we chose, it turned out they didn't have the right channel, even if they said they did. The model was quite upset until we eventually found a nearby bar where she could eat and watch the game. We all decided to join her after we finished our meals. 

The service-minded bar owner, an Englishman called Garry, played some music the girls loved. He did everything to make the night another great experience. Once again, it was obvious the girls were having the time of their lives because they were singing karaoke, dancing on the bar and pool table, and drinking beer straight from the tap! I knew we would yet again feel the after effects of another hard night partying, but it didn't matter because everyone was having a great time, and good times only come so many times in our lives.

Scandi OnTour Marbella Spain 2011 Day 2

Last night’s party carried onto until the wee hours of the morning (as usual). The taxi I was to pick the models in was scheduled for 11:00hrs and by the time it got here my hangover seemed way more than over the top. This was to be followed by driving for an hour before I could get to the airport. 

Then I realized I had wrong flight schedules for the models. Two hours late, with my phone’s battery all but dead, I could not find any of the models. Running here and there, but doing little good. By this point, the hangover was in full swing. After twenty minutes I finally found the Swedish models, and the Norwegian models were found fifteen minutes following that. In sheer delight, I went down on my knees and thanked God.

An hour later, the models arrived at the villa, and they loved it. Getting along, smiling and laughing, this was a pleasure to see since this is not always the case when there are many girls in the same place. After quickly unpacking, they went outside to chill by the pool and have a few drinks. Since the bar and the fridge were already laden with alcohol, and we’d cranked up the music, the party had finally gotten underway.

A few hours of partying later, we changed, and were all set to step outside for a nice dinner. Good food followed, and we were ready to rock Puerto Banus. Our first stop was the first local bar we could spot. 

The girls found a comfortable couch, and I sat down at the bar to start ordering drinks for them. Since the previous day’s effects hadn’t worn of completely, it was nice just chilling by the bar. However, it was not long before all the shots and what not got us pretty off our heads. Later, we headed by home to take the party into the Jacuzzi. 

As many times before, this too was a long and hard night, but a good one for sure. It wasn’t as much fun the fo llowing day but then that’s how it is when you’re on the move. Quite like that famous Norwegian saying, "helt om natta, helt om dagen," which loosely translates into “being a hero, both, by day and night.” 

Hope you enjoy leafing through the backstage pictures.

Scandi OnTour Marbella Spain 2011 Day 1

We got up at 05.00 o clock in the morning to get ready for the flight from stavanger at 06.50 to Malaga. There was a lot of stuff to do so I did not have time to sleep before we left. We always have a ton of equipment with us so it`s always a lot of stress when we are traveling. Cecilie, one of the models and we left from Stavanger on the Saturday. That way we could get everything in place before the rest of the models came from Oslo and Stockholm the next day.

My clever plan is always to arrive one day early and have a crazy party the first night.  That way you are calibrated when the models arrive. That plans does not always work. Cecilie and we had a really fun time partying in Puerto Banus the first night. We got a bit too much to drink and after some time got separated from each other. We don`t remember much about the end of the night, but luckily 3 of us made it back to the house, even though none of the taxi drivers new the address. It did not help that our Spanish is not much better than we are able to order a beer. I am not going to say who, but one of us woke up at the local hospital the next morning. He did not have any travel insurance, but luckily he was able to sneak out and get away before they knew he was gone. He did not know where he was. All his money was gone, so was his credit card and mobile. After walking around in town for 4 hours he gave up trying to find out where we lived, and got a taxi to help him find the Villa. He arrived at the house at 11 o clock. It had been a good night in town.

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